Malwa Group
The foundation of Malwa Group (formerly called the VSO Group) was laid by Late Lala Vidya Sagar Oswal - a visionary known as much for his perspicacity and sharp business acumen as for his philanthropic pursuits. Driven by a strong desire to achieve what few in his day & time could have dreamt of, he sowed the seeds of the textile powerhouse that Malwa has come to be today, built around the cornerstones of Dedication to Work, Excellence in Product quality & Work Practices, Commitment to its Customers and Daring to think beyond the ordinary. Today, after having been in existence for seven decades, Malwa Group has become an over 10,000-member strong Institution.

The Group is fully integrated in Textiles with interests in Ginning, Spinning, Weaving, Processing and Garmenting, and is one of the biggest Textile Conglomerates in the Country. The significant business diversification and the major international forays towards expansion are proof of the growing international presence of the Malwa Group.

Further, in line with the vision of its founder, Malwa Group also runs India's second largest charitable Cancer Hospital.